Chino-wisdom: Boot camp. Chapter 2.

When I first met my human I was use to a strict army regime focusing me to maintain a harsh disciplined life style. My human was clearly not use to that. So in the beginning we had quite a few disputes about our living arrangements. I was use to getting up at the crack of dawn and instantly going for a good run, my human believed the crack of dawn was just another phase of the night and would simply shift sides. Eventually we settled for a compromise but over the years, as I grew older, I came round to appreciating her way of thinking. Sadly, she too had changed opinion. Which meant we had gone back to our original problem of time wise being completely mismatched. Continue reading


Chino-wisdom: “Growing old is no fun.” Chapter 1

Growing old is no fun. My human always said I would go from puppy-hood to elderly and skip grownupness. She was right. It just suddenly hit me. One day I was feeling fine and the next day I started to get all kinds of aches and pains. My six packs became so bloated it made me look like a huge balloon. I felt generally very sluggish.

So of to the vet we went. That is when the misery started. I had to lie on my back on a table and watch how they shaved my tummy, then they applied this gooey stuff and used a roller to look at my insides while they showed up on the computer screen. Continue reading

The Builder

It had just gone noon when the phone rang . I had been captivated by a news item wondering what was happening to the world so the ringing came as an unwelcome disturbance. Partially distracted by my article I forgot to see whose number it was and I answered it with out thinking. When I heard the voice on the other end I bolted up right in full attention. All he said was that he was on his way and would be here in an hour. He then hung up. I could not belief what I had just heard and kept looking at my phone. Had that really happened? Had he really rung me to say he was on his way? I checked my last call register and there was his number. It had really happened.  I jumped up and ran to the others to tell them. They first looked at me in silence. Then they got caught by my enthusiasm and started to ask me all about the call so I repeated word for word. The most cynical and down to earth one of us all, just sighed and said “I will belief it when I see him.” I, on the other hand, was much to excited to be cynical and ran out of the house to tell everybody outside.

Continue reading

Let’s go for a spin?

“Come on, you can do it” I said encouragingly. “Don’t give up on me now” I soothingly added “It is not much”. I looked down at her and could not help noticing that her entire demeanor radiated a sense of depression. I crouched down in front of her, gave her a reassuring pat and said “One more spin for old times sake.” then closed the door and pressed the button. Continue reading